Workout..s. A lot of training.

July 4th, 2014

Good evening!
A lovely weekend is coming up. I see a lot of vacations updates right now on my fb feed! Two weeks work left for me and then I will take off to Stockholm and after that LA! Oh, it will be so cool and so nice to travel. Long time since last time.
Anyone that have some suggestions (except from the crossfit games) to see or do in LA, San Diego and San Francisco?
I have never been up in the air for that long. I don’t have any problem with airplanes but my “restless legs” will maybe have some problem to keep still for so long time :) Need to start packing my bag already now I think :) What do I need to bring?
Want to get a new pair of sunglasses before we leave and some more tanks. Went to the store today to buy some new makeup… met a really good seller and I think she saw that I felt lost in there!

The past weeks has been really good. Filled with workouts and I have a lot of time to spend in the box! Sometimes too much…We really need to get a couch down to the box so I have somewhere to sleep between my sessions! The AbMat is starting to get quiet uncomfortable..

Me and Björk after a track running session last weekend.

From today:

But there is one thing that happens when you (I) start to work out more frequently…the energy levels is getting lower and lower. That is, if you don’t rest and eat. I have been eating too little I think. It started two days ago I felt so tired and lost after my second workout session. Got home and it felt like I could eat the whole kitchen. Ate a lot and felt much better yesterday.
But today… after two workout session it felt like I was supposed to faint any time. That wasn’t fun at all. I´m glad I took myself over the door step and in to the kitchen. Couldn’t speak to anyone, got food and water and then I crawled down to the floor and fall a sleep. Mom woke me up and gave me coconut water and some milk. Went to the store and bought some resorb.. Felt much better. Wake up Strenius. You can’t make a day with a lot of practice without a proper lunch!!

So they said it will be nice weather in Sweden this weekend! I think it´s time for a inlines session tomorrow!!
Xoxo /P

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